Pick 6

I wrote a really dismal prediction report yesterday. Today I will explore some of the TEs that I think will buck the trends and thrive. Yes, I am going to name names. And yes, there will be sign up links that are mine. Deal with it.

I made my predictions and base this report on my own personal tracking and experience. If you do not use trck.me, you are walking into a strange room with a blindfold on. You get a free 30 day trial. You need to track your results


Sunshine Surf Club–Elina Bashalova and Pat VD Toon. So far, SSC has done EVERYTHING right. Very smooth and slick, with a professional design. All the little touches that spell success in the making. A unique member’s page that shows every promotion that they are running for the entire month. These are surfers who understand the industry, and are providing a product that WILL stand the test of time.

Click Your Face Off–Sunny Suggs. This is not Sunny’s first trip to the rodeo, and there just isn’t a more savvy owner around. CYFO will succeed simply because Sunny says it will, and you can take that to the bank. It has all the bells and whistles that you expect out of a premium site, and week in, week out gives me great advertising results. A great place.

Lords of Lothar–Daniel Goettman. Am I the only one that hears the Star Wars theme when I think of this place? It’s an absolutely unique in all the world TE. Or is it a unique RPG game? I’m never sure… What I am sure of is it’s current and sustainable success. Daniel just keeps adding and playing and adding and checking and…I really does get better every week. What a positive happening in TE Land

Not So Newcomers

TE Racing League–Robert Arnold. It is hard for me to believe that TERL is less than 2 years old. It has the feel of a site that has been around much longer. Part of the reason for that is Robert has stupid skills as a coder and designer. AND he is continually tweaking the site. It is unique, nothing else even close. Big Winner.

Cup of Traffic–Russell Stockley. COT is not only incredibly handsome, it is incredibly functional Slick and smooth and functional. It’s a wonderful place. Russell is another guy with a stupid skillset, there may be a trend developing here.

Traffic Pharaoh–William Miller II. This is another less than 2 year old website that is sooooo good it feels much older. It is smooth and fast and gorgeous. William just happens to be another owner with crazy good skills.

So there are six from the last two years that give me reason to be very optimistic. I am not in anyway suggesting that these are the only ones, just that I picked these.

Note that I did not include a ‘long time’ category. It’s like the Geico commercial, everybody knows them…

I’m just sayin’

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