Caveat Emptor

Can you hear the Who Boys? “I call that a Bargain, the best I ever had….” I can.

I admit to being a ‘value conscious shopper’ in all things. I am looking for the best deal I can get all the time. I really don’t like spending a dime if eight cents will get the job done. Most of the time that works out really good for me, but there have been some epic failures in my life.

It’s that precise reason that I find the CTP Marketplace so intriguing. If you haven’t been there yet, NOW is the time. Simply go to Click Track Profit, Log In, Click on the Goodies Tab, then click on the Marketplace Banner right below the header box. You are THERE.

It is entirely peer to peer (TimTech charges a very minimal fee to list an item), and the seller lists the price and quantity for every item. Let the market determine the price. Right at the moment, every single item that is available for purchase on the Goodies page is represented in the marketplace.

Some of them are at absolute bargain prices. I actually think I may buy up some of the AAA batteries and try to sell them at a profit. Some of the prices are NOT a bargain. There are XP batteries listed for 3x the price TT sells them for ON THE SAME PAGE. Let me know how that works out for you…. (Do you think those might be some of the same people that use a DUSAP page to promote a money grab scheme in TE Land???)

So. It is a true marketplace in the very best sense of the word. Know what you want, know what the price is, and shop until you drop. Or sell your excess stuff to finance the stuff you really want and need…. The choice is yours.

What a great concept, what a great service TT has provided with this effort. Thanks.

I’m just sayin’

*** Caveat Emptor:  Latin.  Let the buyer beware

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