Having Fun

If it’s not fun, why do you do it?

It was a question asked me over 30 years ago by a mentor. I scuffled with the answer then, and ask the question occasionally now.

It came about when I went to work for a company that didn’t appreciate my talents and was just a general PIA to work for. Morale was low, there was incredible employee bitching every single day. The only redeeming factor in the job was the paycheck. It was Union scale without the dues. It was hard, demanding, stressful work with the only reward coming every Friday afternoon when the paychecks arrived.

Why not leave? I was newly re married, had a wife (with an excellent job that she didn’t particularly like) and 2 stepdaughters to look out for. What to do?

We were fishing early one Saturday when Harry asked me the question. I had the obvious answers, and he had the good grace to not push the issue. Why would you do something you just really don’t like?

Being me, I thought about it a lot. Next time I got a good chance, I asked him if he’d ever done anything that wasn’t any fun. He didn’t even flinch. “Yep. WWII was no fun. It was just a thing you had to do, get done and go home. Not that we didn’t have some fun, but that was the one thing.” (He was and original CB, and left a beautiful wife and young son at home when he left.)

I worked on at that miserable job, but from that point on I knew it was a temporary job. I was looking for one that was more fun. I found it, and in the course of that search, my whole life changed. I determined then and there that I was not going to do ANYTHING that wasn’t enjoyable except on a short term basis as the means to an end.

So. I present it to you all. If it’s not any fun, why do you do it?

I’m just sayin’

“There is only one thing that I’ve never done.  I ain’t never, ever had too much fun.”  Popular song.  Lyrics by TJ Wright and Curtis Knight.  I like the George Thorogood  version the best….

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