4 More Years

4 years isn’t a long time when you are my age. I not only have clothing older than that, I almost do not have any clothing newer than 4 years old..

4 years isn’t long for a tree, or an athletic franchise, or a good restaurant.

It is a long time for a ‘start up’ internet firm. In this case, Tim Tech. January 20, 2011 was the day that Jon Olson, Tim Linden and Justin Ledvina decided to go ‘all in’ and start a company to carry their dreams to reality.

It is amazing to me, but on that day they decided to put all their separate properties into the new company and go for the gold or go broke. That took some faith and belief in each other, not to mention a desire to create new things and ways of doing business.

What you see today as an empire started with Start X, I Love Hits, AdKreator and the brand new Sweeva. And a ton of ideas.

It would be hard to overstate TT’s impact on the TE industry in the last 4 years. To say that they were the leaders of a complete industry remake would not be out of line. The companies and entrepreneurs that they have inspired to action and success are Legion.

I certainly blame TimTech for much of my success. I know others that feel that way, too.

Here’s to 44 more boys. Long May You Run.

I’m just sayin’

“Long May You Run” is a song written by Neil Young about a 1962 Triumph motorcycle.

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