Refrigerator Magnets

Disclaimer: If you came looking for a business related blog post, sorry. It’s not.  I wrote this a while back, and really like it.  I’m going to post it on my Motorcycle Blog, also…  I hope you enjoy the ride…

We were talking about refrigerator magnets, right?

Yeah, I used to buy them for my mother when I traveled. It was a thing I could bring home to her because they packed small (I don’t think she ever wore the Sturgis shirt I brought her) and Mom loved to travel so she’d look at the magnets and imagine the place…Worked out real good for both of us.

Any way, I was out on I-90 when I saw the green clouds with flat bottoms and knew I was about to get in trouble. I picked up the pace a little (rural South Dakota. Not many police) and ran hard to get in front of the storm.

I did, and eased back down near the speed limit after about 100 miles. Decided I needed a smoke and water, so stopped at Fort Something or Other. Got my water, had a smoke and went in to BS the shopkeeper when I saw them. Refrigerator magnets. All 50 states sorted by state. I was standing there trying to decide if I only needed the ones I had already been to or buy forward for the whole trip. Decisions, decisions.

Then the place rattled. My first thought was earthquake, but then the sign blew off the front of the store. The damn storm had caught me again. I saddled up and was gone in 30 seconds, running hard again.

I planned to camp at Badlands NP that night, so pulled off at the eastern exit for the Park. Got gas and water and a couple hot dogs at the store there. I was just about ready to roll when another one rolled in. A long rider, no doubt.

I went and visited for a few minutes, then headed South to the campground. My guy pulled in about a half hour later. I set my tent extra careful knowing the storm was coming. It actually passed by about 50 miles away, and was beautiful from the campground.Sundown in Camp

I had my stuff torn down and packed long before sun up. I drank coffee until it was light enough to see. I carried my ‘left over’ coffee up to my new friend and got moving. I took a couple hundred pictures in the next 3 hours, and wobbled into Wall, SD hungry and ready for more coffee.

I chose a restaurant right across the street from World Famous Wall Drug. Well, in all honesty, everything in Wall is across the street from Wall Drug. It covers 2 city blocks, and there just really isn’t much more that isn’t across the street from the Drug Store. Anyway, I bought a local paper, took in my maps and found a table in the back near where the locals sit.

I hadn’t even gotten coffee when my buddy from the night before wandered in and joined me. We were having a very pleasant visit when a guy walked in, walked right up to us and flipped us the bird. Yep, middle finger about a foot long with a great big grin behind it. I started to be offended until my friend flipped him back. Then I remembered ‘The Adventure Rider’s Salute’ I got my ‘wave’ up in time to not be considered rude. The guy visited for a couple of minutes then joined the locals table.

So. We ordered our breakfast from a cute farm girl (aren’t all waitresses in SD farm girls??) and talked routing. I was headed for Leadville, Co next, but my friend warned me off. Said there was a super marathon (100 miles at over 7000’ elevation) and his wife was running in it. He was going to pace her a ways, and then they were headed for Canada for a week on the Beemer…

We were just about done with breakfast when I mentioned the refrigerator magnets. He said “I’ll bet they have them across the street in Wall Drug.”

And that’s why I was a day late getting home. Refrigerator magnets.

I’m just sayin’

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