The Perfect Offer

What makes the perfect offer?

I think it is really subjective and individual. What is the perfect offer for me right now might not be the perfect offer for you ever. I suspect it is a moving target that is never hit with any consistency. But every once in a while…

I think I have a really good offer going right now, might even be perfect for the right people. I am offering free upgrades at Your E Mail Series and TrackeryMe to anybody that will sign up to Rocket Responder and/or under me. What with all the XP and bonuses and such going on right now, it is a serious chance to learn how to use your new tools. You can see it here.

But it’s not really the perfect offer. I’m getting to that….

I need to remind you that I am now into my 51st year of riding a motorcycle. It is truly my first love, and a lifelong pursuit. I have lusted for a great many motorcycles in those years, from the first (1968 Harley Davidson Night Train) to today’s lust for a new Connie. The most consistent lust through all those years has been Ducati. A smallish Italian company, they just keep building motorcycles that are just over the cutting edge. I have a minimum 45 year lust for one Duc or another.

4 years ago, I got my first Ducati. The very first MultiStrada, the 620. In my mind, it is the DSC_0004-1most beautiful motorcycle ever built (see for yourself. This was mine) I traded a Suzuki BKing for it (and the fool gave ME cash). Yes it was too small for me, I weigh almost as much as the bike does. Yes it was maintenance intensive. Yes, it went through tires like it was alergic to them. It was a Ducati. My Ducati.

And then I hurt my back. I was over a year without being able to work at anything (or even really ride a motorcycle, DSC_0001though I did). I am self employed, and I had 0 income over that time. The Duc was much the most sellable possession that I had, and it was the first to go. It was the only piece of machinery that I had named. Pato Rojo (Red Duck). My lust goes on for ANOTHER Ducati.

Which brings me to the perfect offer. It came innocently enough in an email from Motorcycle Classics, a magazine and website that I frequent. 2 guys have written a coffee table book dealing with the whole 60 years that Ducati has been in business.

I know it is too expensive at $60. I know I don’t need another ‘research volume’ and certainly don’t need one on Ducati.

But it was the perfect offer. I hope it gets here soon.

I’m just sayin’

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