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This isn’t what I had planned today at all. I had an incredibly witty post about something crafted in my mind, and then I checked my email one more time.

There was a notice of the first review at opinion writers dot com from my friend Matt Badura. Wow! There is a new player in our world today. Matter of fact, there is a new game. This is just incredible.

You can (and should) read this for yourself right here. Be sure to sign up for email notifications while you are there, just in case the next one is anywhere near as good as this.

Beautifully written, logically crafted, well stated. There is simply no doubt in my mind that I have moved one notch down the ‘best one million blog writers’ list today. It’s epic.

Now for the rest of the story (Sorry Mr. Harvey. I couldn’t help myself).

How many of you heard of Matt Badura one year ago? I knew him very casually because he had a name that I could remember and he was hanging around TE Live on a regular basis, making himself known in chat. And just not much else.

What happened?

CTP Teams. Matt jumped in RIGHT AWAY and organized a pretty decent crew that you might have heard of, SurfAholicsAlpha. Yes. The guys that beat my team out of everything but their lives. One of two teams that has never been relegated to the Competitive League (care to guess the other? :))

As the leader and most visible member of the SAAs, Matt quickly cut his chops in TE Land. He has been an absolute fixture right from the first day. Stamped himself as a huge action taker and ultimate capable leader in this business.

In a surprise move, Matt retired as leader of the SAAs in January. Instead of being like an old plow horse put out to pasture, we see this in less than ONE MONTH. Wow. Just wow.

The obvious question is ‘What is holding YOU back?’ Maybe even more germain is “What is holding ME back?”

So the next time you hear somebody question the validity or need or possibility of CTP Teams I want you to imagine the sun glasses encased vision of Matt Badura. Yep, you know the one.

CTP teams is a playground that is filled with endless possibility. If you chose to work the Badura model, it will work just fine. It’s not the only one. It is simply up to you.

I’m just sayin’

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