Je Suis Charlie

I am Charlie

That is the English translation of the title of this post.

Je Suis Charlie

I’ve started this post enough times that the news that spawned it has become rather stale, but still I need to talk about Charlie.

Charlie Hebdo is the name of a French satirical Newspaper. You might remember that the offices in Paris were raided one morning by Muslim thugs who proceeded to call out and kill multiple employees. An all in all extraordinarily bloody act remarkable in the degree of cowardice that the killers showed.

What was the motivation? According to the killers, Charlie Hebdo had parodied the Prophet Muhammad and the employees that participated in the article needed to die. Along with a few others, probably just for the sport of it.

I don’t know about you, I don’t know about anybody but me, but my God is larger than that, and has no need for humans to carry out that sort of vengeance. Really? Why would it be necessary to send humans to do that deed? Really?

That isn’t the point. Neither is this a forum for Muslim bashing. I have friends that are Muslims, that truly serve Islam. One of the great mentors of my life was a Sunni Muslim. Don’t even begin to go there with me.

No. The point is, Je Suis Charlie is more than a slogan, it is a way of standing up to some of the foulness that exists in our world. I am Charlie. Means that I am part of that, I chose to be. Come for us all, there will be even more.

You see, I know I am just dumb ass out in the far reaches of the Sonoran desert. But with Je Suis Charlie I am linked to people all over the world.

I AM Charlie.

I’m just sayin’

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