The BEST Autoresponder

So. It’s my opinion that the single most needed tool in this business is an autoresponder. The reason we always hear “the money is in the list” is because it is true. And to build a list you need an autoresponder.

Rocket Responder. TimTech’s autoresponder. The guys at TT have done a simply amazing job here, and what exists today is a polished, high functioning piece of gear.

It is a piece of gear. An autoresponder is utterly necessary to anyone that wants/needs to do business with email. RR is the third AR that I have used, and is much the best of them.

It is absolutely made for a blogger. Made for. There simply isn’t a better way to notify your subscribers to your blog, and hasn’t been anything like it since Google cancelled their RSS reader.

Rocket Responder is not only built for building a list, it is very reasonably priced. And the first 30 days are FREE! It is stone cold simple to use, much easier than anything else I have tried. Much easier.

So. You know you need it, you know that you want it. Have I got a deal for you! Sign up for Rocket Responder and I will give you a free upgrade at Your EMail Series. YEMS was built by the genius Sunny Suggs and gives you step by step instruction for building your list.  Her sentences have verbs in them like:  Do this, Next do, You must.  Very straightforward and simple.

It’s a natural pair, RR and YEMS. Both great products, and you get 30 days of RR absolutely free and a free upgrade at YEMS 30 days is plenty of time to get your list started.

Isn’t it time? If not now, when?

All you have to do is click on one of the Rocket Responder links and then subscribe to the List when you are offered the choice. I promise you it isn’t a spam list, it will be used only to get you the upgrade I promised:)

I’m just sayin’

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