The Mice Ate My Plan

“The best laid schemes o’ mice and men                                                                                         Gang aft agley”                                                                                                                               Robert Burns    1785

This was not the post that I started to write for today.  That post is hanging in my ‘draft’ file and may or may not make it here.

But my friend Andrew Stark wrote this post.  Yes, take the time to read it, it will open in a new window and will show you, in less than 500 words, how to make money in this venue. You don’t have time to read 500 words?  Shame on you.

Then my friend John Brewer published this post. Another one you ought to read.

In fact, if you find yourself in the second post and not in the first, you have some questions to ask.  Like “What the Hell am I doing, anyway?”

I’m just sayin’


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