I needed THAT

I am struggling with something, and it has been really hard to figure it out. I have about 3 necessary projects that I am not able to start, which is pretty abnormal for me. Typically, I identify a need, craft a solution, think out what needs to be done and go to it.

But it is not happening for me right now, to the point where I have grown increasingly frustrated and irritable with me and everybody else. I am not writing as I would like (I have 5 started posts in this folder), and as I mentioned, I am having trouble getting started on other things.

I think I finally resolved the problem. It is a matter of not taking proper care of myself, not taking care of my needs. And I know better.

You see, I have real physical needs. I get hungry, and need to eat. I know from long experience that I can postpone eating for quite a while if I have a reason for it. I can go until I write 3 words and think God I am sooooo Hungry. I have waited too long.

I need to pee. If I have something going or am riding, I will wait until I am wiggling in misery.

I need a ride. It is the very same to me as eating or peeing. I need to go, and soon. Doh. Why wait so long??

I will tell you Wednesday how it worked. I am unfortunately scheduled Sunday and Monday, but Tuesday I am gone to Prescott.

Why Prescott? Because it is 150 miles of mind numbing straight and level roads with 50 miles of great road leading into town. I will be able to use the 300 miles (out and back) to think things through, I see most clearly on a motorcycle. And I will giggle like a 4 year old girl through the White Spars part of the road.

More will be revealed!

Im just sayin’

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Business Law 010

This is a fundamental, if often ignored part of TE Land.

The contract. Everytime I log in to a Traffic Exchange I sign a contract with the owner. We both agree to certain things and agree to a deal.

We agree to trade goods for services. It doesn’t matter if I surf for credits or buy them, I agree to trade my time and money for page views for the owner. I benefit by being able to advertise my product on the owners advertising platform. The owner benefits by selling my page views to his advertisers.

The agreement is pretty cut and dried. Good owners will explain what they expect and what they offer in language that even the dimmest bulb can understand. If you never read the Terms of Service, I suggest you might try it.

Just because you have read the TOS at one site DOES NOT mean that you have a really good idea about all. Some owners take great care with their TOS and getting it precisely right. William Miller II and Robert Arnold fit into this category. Some have an older TOS that has been added to and subtracted from to trim it into shape for today. Some just grab whatever free TOS (Google it, there are millions) and don’t even read it themselves. Some simply copy and paste the TOS from another site.

What of the other side of the contract? Good owners will adhere to their part of the agreement very closely, most to the letter and then some.

But some don’t. There are some sites with very poor timers. The owners may advertise a 5 second timer but it takes 12 seconds per page view. That is fundamentally dishonest.

Some have mathematical difficulties. They promise one surf ratio and deliver another.

Some have been known to suspend accounts when they are approaching commission limits. (This has never happened to me). Some just don’t bother paying commissions. Some keep increasing the payout requirements. (This has happened to me)

The point is, we have a contract, the owner and I. If I follow the terms of the contract I have a reasonable expectation of receiving the goods and services promised. The owner needs to be able to have a reasonable expectation of behavior as set out in the TOS.

It’s really that simple. I do what I am supposed to, you do what you are supposed to and everybody is happy…

I’m just sayin’

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Be strong: Be Leo Strong

I’m sure it is coincidence.  Nobody could plan this well.

48 hours after John Novak’s List Build Surf returns, Nick Grimshawe sends me this video as part of his regular series “Wednesday Morning Video”  (Clever name, right?)

I have been anxiously awaiting Leo’s return for several months now, and known for a while that the return was imminent.  It just couldn’t happen a minute too soon….

It all started when John had his PTC site savaged by thoroughly bad people.  A huge pulse of cheating, a multi day DDOS attack, and hundreds of PayPal claims.  PayPal shut down all of John’s sites until they could get it sorted out.  One of the ugliest things that could happen to any of us…

What happened next cost John a ton of money.  Out of pocket money, not just the lost revenue sort which he also had plenty of.  It just would have been pretty damn easy for John to fold his tent and go away.

But that isn’t his style.  He paid everybody that he owed money to, and then some.  He got everything back in order and brought LBS back after launching an innovative new site, XPTasker.

John never let go the dream, never let go the idea, never let go the reason.  There is a lot to be said for that.

John has always been known as one of the best people in TELand.  We now also know him as one of the toughest.  John stayed strong, Leo strong.  And is all the way back. Welcome back John and Leo.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”   anon

I’m just sayin’

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