Be strong: Be Leo Strong

I’m sure it is coincidence.  Nobody could plan this well.

48 hours after John Novak’s List Build Surf returns, Nick Grimshawe sends me this video as part of his regular series “Wednesday Morning Video”  (Clever name, right?)

I have been anxiously awaiting Leo’s return for several months now, and known for a while that the return was imminent.  It just couldn’t happen a minute too soon….

It all started when John had his PTC site savaged by thoroughly bad people.  A huge pulse of cheating, a multi day DDOS attack, and hundreds of PayPal claims.  PayPal shut down all of John’s sites until they could get it sorted out.  One of the ugliest things that could happen to any of us…

What happened next cost John a ton of money.  Out of pocket money, not just the lost revenue sort which he also had plenty of.  It just would have been pretty damn easy for John to fold his tent and go away.

But that isn’t his style.  He paid everybody that he owed money to, and then some.  He got everything back in order and brought LBS back after launching an innovative new site, XPTasker.

John never let go the dream, never let go the idea, never let go the reason.  There is a lot to be said for that.

John has always been known as one of the best people in TELand.  We now also know him as one of the toughest.  John stayed strong, Leo strong.  And is all the way back. Welcome back John and Leo.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”   anon

I’m just sayin’

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