An Open Letter to Walter Mulder

I really don’t like doing this any more than I did the first time around with this subject, but Mr. Mulder is talking and threatening so I feel I must. I am posting it here, because I think this is the appropriate venue to keep the discussion public.

First things first: Walter paid me shortly after he discovered the original post. Not with an apology or any explanation for his tardiness, but with threats and bluster and such. So:

Dear Walter

Thank you for your payment of money owed for 6 months. Better late than never.

Interesting letter that you sent me demanding that I take the original post down. You claim libel and slander, but are pretty non specific on how. Matter of fact you and I both know that I can prove every word I wrote. Slander and Libel require lies and innuendo, not the truth. Making you appear in a bad light is not slanderous, you did that to yourself.

Your responses seem to be based around three basic charges (none of them address the original problem: namely that you did not pay promptly.) I will respond to each.

<Quote from a comment on my blog by Walter Mulder> “ The commission page also specifically says: “Be sure to enter your PayPal address on your Profile page.”

Golly Walter, you paid me on December 30, 2013. Was my PayPal Address missing then? How did it disappear in between? It’s a mystery, isn’t It?

<Quote from a comment on my blog by Walter Mulder> “Interesting I checked my support tickets non from mr. Wacker.
I checked my Paypal disputes: don’t have any (actually never had any in all the years I do business online)”

Nope. No support tickets, your page clearly states that pay will be automatic. I did send you a skype, however. And no, I did not file a PP dispute. I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I decided NOT to subject you to that ordeal.

<Quote from a comment on my blog by Walter Mulder> “ You were the only person above the threshold so yes others did get paid in time.”

Actually, I heard from a friend that you weren’t paying and went to check it out for myself. And since I wrote this piece I have heard from another person that he hadn’t been paid. I’m guessing they were probably lying, right?

And I note that your commission page has changed dramatically since this started. Don’t worry, I have several true and fair copies of it. If you would like to restore the original I would be happy to send you one. No charge.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion. I hope it also makes one thing perfectly clear. I can prove every word I wrote. I will not take down my post simply because you demand it. Not now, not ever.



Tom Wacker

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Who gets the STUFF?

When my uncle Bob was about 6, he went to his mother and asked “Mom, what happens when people die?”

He was the 7th of 8 children, Grandma was pretty good with questions like that by that time. She took off her apron, sat down and took Bob on her lap, and started “Well, when people die they go to heaven. We can’t see them but….”

Bob listened patiently until she was done then asked “But who gets the stuff in their pockets?”

Well, what is your answer? What about your electronic stuff? Your facebook, twitter and Google +? What about your intellectual property? What about your websites, your ads, YOUR BLOG POSTS?

Depends. On many things. Marie Boren (see bottom of page) wrote an excellent post on the subject that you can read right here. It definitely got me thinking. She deals primarily with social media sites (and they are a tangled up mess), but for many of us in TE Land it can be even more complex than that.

Let’s take Your Email Series for example. If I meet up with the front bumper on a Buick this afternoon, what happens to YEMS? Does it revert to Sunny? It should, but will It? The truth of the matter is I have no idea at all.

And I am guessing that I have a better plan than most folks. I actually have two designated electronic heirs. They promise to go into my accounts and do the right thing. Do I think that would actually happen? Well, maybe.

What about commissions? I certainly do not know the answer to that question. I’ll bet that 10 different lawyers would have at least 9 different opinions on THAT,

I wonder what happened to Uncle Bob’s stuff? This is a guy that actually had some stuff, He was a good coder, and had lots of projects under his belt. What happened to that stuff?

I realize that I have asked a lot more questions than I have given answers. In the ideal world, I’d ask Grandma, but I’m not even sure who got her stuff….

I’m just sayin’

Facebook and Gmail: what happens to data after your death?     by Marie Boran

This article was used in the writing of this post.  You should read it.

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Ask not. The bus comes for YOU.

Hey Eddy! Hey EDDY! Back that bus up here, I got a guy to throw under it.

<beep Beep BEEP BEEP>

Yes, it is a TE Owner, Walter Mulder. Specifically Clicking Success.

Walter owes me money, and as of yesterday, he has owed me money for 6 months. It is not a game changing amount, but it is $36.90. I earned it, I should be paid.

Walter did all the normal sleazy things that owners do when they have spent the commission money that their affiliates have earned promoting their program. He raised his minimum payout rate to $20 and promises to pay once a month, first Monday.

So much for promises.

I feel like I have treated this a little lightly. This is theft, pure and simple. The owner has a fiduciary responsibility to keep the promised commissions separate and pay them in a timely manner. FAIL!

The very worst part? He has not communicated with me at ALL. Not a word. Absolute silence, even when he was spending money to win the CTP teams championship. Not when I asked about it, nada. He certainly did not use his share of the winners prize to pay me the money he owes.

What to do? Not much I can do, except warn people. I do not think that PayPal can help me out, but I am about to find out and possibly file my first PP dispute in over 15 years of using that service.

A very little communication would have gone a long, long ways here.

I’m just sayin’

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