From The Support Cave

Hi ya all. I am writing this from the depths of the TimTech support cave. It’s nothing like the Bat Cave, or even like the Karchner Caverns down the road here in Arizona. No, this cave is sorta small, damp, musty and well, creepy. They keep me chained to my desk 19 hours per day so I can fill my quota of support tickets.

Or not. I really like working for TimTech. What a great group of people to learn from. I am much richer for my experience.

It has already become obvious that some topics in support run in bunches. This topic is no exception.

Loyalty Bonus

Kore 4 upgrade, Rocket Responder membership and membership each qualify for a 100% team bonus. If you are a current member in good standing at all three you qualify for 500%.

Free trials DO NOT count. In order to get the loyalty bonus you must be a paying member of the programs listed.

We can and do have some difficulties with the bonuses showing up promptly and correctly. Not in every case, but Bill is working hard at cleaning that bug up.

It can take over 24 hours for the bonuses to show. It’s a simple fact as to how and when the database harvests new information. But if it has been over 36 hours we certainly want to hear from you about the problem.

So now you know the current hot topic on the TimTech support stove. I’m sure there will be more cooking soon.

I’m just sayin’

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Get in Line, Stay in Line

Jon Olson wrote a post at Hit Exchange News that resonated with me.  I suggest you read it here, and see if it resonates with you.

It not only takes some time to succeed in this business, it takes some planning and doing.

The first thing is show up.  Every day.  No excuses.

Second:  Find that thing that makes you dance.  For me it has been (or more accurately, it was TE Toolbox).  I really love the information available there.  Find what moves you and learn EVERYTHING there is about it.

Third:  Make a plan.  This might be step 2a, but it needs to be done.  It can be as simple as “I will promote my passion at x, y, z and a, b, c” but you need to decide how you are going to pursue making a living on line.

Fourth:  Go.  Go all day every day and make sure everything you do is ordered toward your plan above.  Need to surf for credits?  Need to make ads?  Spend every bit of every day that you can working toward making your dream happen.

Fifth:  Repeat step four and modify step three.  Always remember that hope is not a plan.  Make it something you can actually do and measure.

And don’t stop.  You get out of line and you go to the back of the line when you return.  It’s that simple.

I know a few people that make their living online and right here in this business.  Lynn M and I go back a ways, and we have shared lots of ‘secrets’ and ‘honey holes’ over the years.  Lynn works hard, keeps records and is exceptional at finding the money at any given place.  Too bad you don’t have that list, right?  It could cut years off your timeline.

Well guess what?  Now you do.  Lynn has just now launched Commission Scoop.  It has ‘how to’ and ‘when to’ but it also has Lynn’s list.  It is a pretty valuable resource if you are even remotely serious about your craft.  It’s free to join, but you need to carefully consider the upgrade package.  It is easily worth the money…

So.  Recap:  Read Jon’s post.  Make your decisions and plan.  Join Commission Scoop.  Don’t stop.  Repeat.

I’m just sayin’

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Yes it’s true. I am Nerd #9, and have been for a whole week!

Things have changed pretty drastically for me, and the pace has been mind boggling.

First there was much my shortest job interview of my life. 60 seconds would cover the whole thing. Fortunately I wasn’t in shock so badly that I couldn’t say yes.

Then being welcomed to the TimTech team, getting my credentials and actually getting to go to work. And yes, Brenda is an awesome trainer!

I will say this about working at the support desk for TimTech. There are more than a few tickets that just make me smile.

As great as the change that opened the door to TT is the one I had to close. I’ll say it here and now, I love the Lucky 13 and not just the people that are there now, but the ones who have left the team. We all shared something very special and I am very sad to have left that behind.

Not that I was required or even encouraged to leave. It is just the right thing. I already know too much from working at TT, and much as I love Lucky 13, I can’t give them an unfair advantage. Just isn’t right.

Not to mention that my surfing and productive time is severely limited:)

But I was there at the start. That spark, the instant of creation of the Lucky 13 and CTP Teams. For those that don’t know it, Lucky 13 is team #2 formed, and I missed #1 by less than a minute. Long live the Lucky 13 and CTP Teams!

We all know it’s all about the people, and there is no better vehicle for getting to know like and trust (and becoming known, liked and trusted) than a CTP team. A CTP team gives you the framework to build your KLT house on. It is way too good a resource for anybody to waste.

Yes, my life has changed. Significantly. But I hope to meet you all as I go on. I’m pretty easy to find:)

I’m just sayin’

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