From The Support Cave

Hi ya all. I am writing this from the depths of the TimTech support cave. It’s nothing like the Bat Cave, or even like the Karchner Caverns down the road here in Arizona. No, this cave is sorta small, damp, musty and well, creepy. They keep me chained to my desk 19 hours per day so I can fill my quota of support tickets.

Or not. I really like working for TimTech. What a great group of people to learn from. I am much richer for my experience.

It has already become obvious that some topics in support run in bunches. This topic is no exception.

Loyalty Bonus

Kore 4 upgrade, Rocket Responder membership and membership each qualify for a 100% team bonus. If you are a current member in good standing at all three you qualify for 500%.

Free trials DO NOT count. In order to get the loyalty bonus you must be a paying member of the programs listed.

We can and do have some difficulties with the bonuses showing up promptly and correctly. Not in every case, but Bill is working hard at cleaning that bug up.

It can take over 24 hours for the bonuses to show. It’s a simple fact as to how and when the database harvests new information. But if it has been over 36 hours we certainly want to hear from you about the problem.

So now you know the current hot topic on the TimTech support stove. I’m sure there will be more cooking soon.

I’m just sayin’

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