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Hey. Lookit me. I’m writing a TimTech blog. How cool is that?

Why the blog? Well, it’s probably the TT program that I know the best. I’m a geek, I love data and numbers and I really like I keep playing around with it and testing and trying and finding out new stuff. I intend to hold court here at least once a week and would be honored if you would subscribe to this blog.

What is It is a very simple and elegant ad tracker. Why do I need trck,me? To keep track of my hard earned credits and advertising. And so much more.

The intent of my writing here is to share some of the stuff I know, maybe some you didn’t.

So the topic this week is branding.

Really. Branding.

How can you use for branding? The obvious answer is by using the social bar above your ad (it’s a simple check box in the settings area).

The social bar shows your picture and the logo. It really doesn’t detract from your ad at all and shows who played this ad, and that you use

Much more than that. By having the social bar displayed it shows people that you are sophisticated enough to use and work with a tracker, but that you are serious enough about your business to pay the monthly fee. There is definitely some prestige factor in it. That can not be overestimated.

Even if you don’t use the social bar (and there are some circumstances where you shouldn’t) just the address tells people that you are committed enough to your business to invest in a tool that will help you enormously.

So you can use your tracker for branding yourself and your business. Long as that tracker is from TimTech.

I’m just sayin’

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