Plus One Success

Plus One

I’m writing this and so excited I can hardly sit still. This is a big day for TimTech but a Monster day for me. How come?

Announcing Plus One Success

This is the Jon Olson success plan all in one place. It is really a series of little things that really add up to big things. Jon has written an ebook that you can download. It’s just full of the good stuff. It’s like going to 23 TELive broadcasts at the same time only better.

And there is MORE. The book is rebrandable, if you upgrade. You think THE book by Jon Olson is going to have some impact? Yeah, probably.

Guess what? I still get sign ups from Pizza Plan, let alone from Pizza Plan 2. The rebrand is a moneymaker for years to come.

There is a full month worth of daily lessons from Justin Ledvina. I’ve heard them, this is Justin at his very best, and that is just damn good.

And MORE. There is a super upgrade that allows you to join the ‘Jon Olson Book Club’ You get a book mailed to you every month. Everybody gets the same book, and during the month Jon will have exclusive discussion groups to discuss the book and the impact on our business. How cool is that? What do you think the chances are of Purple Cow being the first choice? I don’t know, but I can imagine Jon going full tilt on that discussion!

A word of warning here. The One Time Offers are real, you will hate yourself if you don’t take it.

I need to tell. There are a couple of familiar names involved in this process that you might not have considered. Sunny Suggs and Winter Perkins. Sunny as the script wizard and Winter as the designer. How about that???

And more. Go take a look for yourself.

So why am I hyper? This is my first time to be a part of the TimTech team in the thrash to launch. It has been an amazing process to watch and be part of. TimTech doesn’t launch stuff all that often and I am completely jazzed.

I’m just sayin’

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