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Paid To Click

Paid to Click, the new way to Play.

The Panda Profits team has a firm belief in an untested model in the paid to click world. Community.

From the very early days of discussion (besides the obvious ‘should we DO this’) has come the core belief of the Panda Pack that there IS a paid to click community and that it is a very viable and serviceable commodity.

Paid to Click Users

We’ve all been led to believe in the uncaring, ad clicking, no notice typical user at a paid to click site.  While there certainly are that type there is also a higher percentage of users that want a comfortable place to play that pays them fairly and quickly.  This is the audience that we are seriously trying to tap into.

We spend a serious amount of time trying to make Panda Profits fun and easy to use. Part of the beauty of our Panda Pack mentality is that we are seriously interested in the overall experience of our members.  Happy Pandas return to the same place to eat and relax day after day.  That is what we are looking for, happy users.

Paid to Click Advertisers

The Panda Pack also believes that this is a community, the life blood of our site. These are the people that fund us and make what we do possible.  We know our advertisers are getting a very good ‘bang for their buck’ return at Panda Profits and we very much aim to keep it that way.

We foster the advertiser community in several ways.  Running an absolutely honest site and delivering usable hits is a great start, but we think there is more.  Namely making utterly sure that there are no bots or multiple accounts on Panda Profits and by taking personal responsibility for each and every support issue that comes up.  People like that and respond to good treatment favorably.

It’s a completely different way to run a paid to click website.  We understand that and are convinced that we are onto something.  You will all know when we get our first copy site.  All we can say is ‘bring it’.

I’m just sayin’




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Advertising at Panda Profits

Advertising at Panda Profits

Advertising at Panda Profits is a screaming bargain right now.

Why?  Because we are a new and aggressive Pay To Click site on the way up.  We add new members to an active base every day.  Our members not only click on ads, they click through to your site.  Advertising at Panda Profits is a good deal.

But why is Advertising a bargain?

Because we have not raised our prices to reflect added membership and added clicks. Even more, we are hearing really good reports on the outcome of advertising.  Click through rates and cost per sign up have been reported to be very good indeed, and the proof is in the number of people that are coming back to advertise again and again. That is exciting stuff!

One factor in the success of advertising at Panda Profits is the fact that we simply do not allow bots or multiple memberships.  We have some very sophisticated software that prevents either possibility, which means you get only quality views from our site. Real people with real eyeballs are waiting for you to get on the bandwagon.

It’s not just the static ads that are producing.  I ran a 48 hour test on the Panda Grid and got 5 referrals at PTC Professor for the trouble.  The Panda Grid costs $5.00 for a week!  It’s a winner, also.

Lots of choices for advertising at Panda Profits, and they can be had on the cheap!

But Wait!  There’s More!

Do you realize how close we are to next year?  2016 is just around the corner and Panda Profits is sponsoring a race with lots of cash prizes (100 to be exact) to carry you into the New Year in style.

It’s a referral contest, and very simple.  Get the most referrals between yesterday and midnight New Years Eve and you win $15.00 posted in your cash account.  Second place pays $10.00 and we are paying the top 100.

One referral per day will pay you nicely.  Easy money for sure.

I’m just sayin’


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Panda Profits: What’s Different?


Well, hopefully you know that 4 of us have started a new Paid To Click website named Panda Profits.  Bill, Janelle, Patrick and myself are in the process of raising our baby Panda to be able to take on the big world.

Panda Profits is in some ways a standard PTC.  If you go to the site you will see lots of familiar features on an Evolution script.

Where Panda Profits really shines is in the small ways that we hope will make a huge difference to our members and advertisers.

Panda Profits Members

Probably the first thing most members will notice at PP are the news of the day feature. Every weekday Patrick Griffin writes a news feature for the site.  Some of them deal with changes and features, some deal with other topics.  I’ll guarantee we are the only PTC to do this sort of thing.

Prompt Support.  One of the complaints that we have heard is that most PTCs answer support tickets slowly if at all.  All four of us answer tickets when we know the answer and see them hit the site.  So far no ticket has gone over about 10 hours and those were tickets that required a specific person to answer.

We have the most sophisticated anti-cheat software that we could find.  Our membership isn’t growing as fast as some because multiple accounts are just not tolerated, right from the start.  Not now, not ever.

All of us firmly believe that there can and will be a community that will build up around Panda Profits.  That an honestly run and administered PTC will not only survive but thrive in the long run.  That our members will respond to loyalty and honesty by hanging around.  It’s what we really want, and think our members want the same thing.

In the next installment I’ll talk specifically about what we do for the advertisers on Panda Profits.

I’m just sayin’




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Lookit Me Mom! I’m a Panda!


A look behind the curtain and the promise of more to come.

Panda Profits is Born

You may or may not know.  I am no longer employed by TimTech but the legacy is not finished.  Four of us that worked together at TImTech joined together and brought Panda Profits kicking and screaming into the world.

What is Panda Profits?

A Paid To Click site.  We all four believe that an honest and honestly run Paid To Click is a good way for us to carry on in the industry that we know and love.

Who is Panda Profits?

Bill Gorcsi, Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffin and myself.  After working together in a team setting at TimTech there was no doubt that we all get along well and work well together. Perhaps more importantly, we are NOT afraid to speak our minds and have some pretty specific skills that translate very well to what we are doing.  Bill is a programmer and general genius in knowing how things on the internet REALLY work.  Janelle is pure hustle and a truly gifted customer support person and she knows EVERYBODY in the TE business.  Patrick is a professional writer who knows how to put the right words to the page in every circumstance.  I’m the numbers geek and am really good at seeing patterns (and catching cheetahs)

Why Panda Profits?

We really believe that the PTC world can support a viable community and we mean to provide the vehicle to do so.  Good manners and listening to our members is part and parcel of what we do.  We think we’ll be able to make a living some day, but we REALLY think we can have a positive impact in our market.

Where is Panda Profits?

I’m really glad you asked.  Actually, it’s linked all through this post, but the real live honest address is  Come on by and check us out!

Notice how I did that?  I asked 4 of the essential questions to any good article:)  From time to time I will be discussing Panda Profits and how it’s working out for all the world to know.

I’m just sayin’

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