Lookit Me Mom! I’m a Panda!


A look behind the curtain and the promise of more to come.

Panda Profits is Born

You may or may not know.  I am no longer employed by TimTech but the legacy is not finished.  Four of us that worked together at TImTech joined together and brought Panda Profits kicking and screaming into the world.

What is Panda Profits?

A Paid To Click site.  We all four believe that an honest and honestly run Paid To Click is a good way for us to carry on in the industry that we know and love.

Who is Panda Profits?

Bill Gorcsi, Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffin and myself.  After working together in a team setting at TimTech there was no doubt that we all get along well and work well together. Perhaps more importantly, we are NOT afraid to speak our minds and have some pretty specific skills that translate very well to what we are doing.  Bill is a programmer and general genius in knowing how things on the internet REALLY work.  Janelle is pure hustle and a truly gifted customer support person and she knows EVERYBODY in the TE business.  Patrick is a professional writer who knows how to put the right words to the page in every circumstance.  I’m the numbers geek and am really good at seeing patterns (and catching cheetahs)

Why Panda Profits?

We really believe that the PTC world can support a viable community and we mean to provide the vehicle to do so.  Good manners and listening to our members is part and parcel of what we do.  We think we’ll be able to make a living some day, but we REALLY think we can have a positive impact in our market.

Where is Panda Profits?

I’m really glad you asked.  Actually, it’s linked all through this post, but the real live honest address is http://pandaprofits.com.  Come on by and check us out!

Notice how I did that?  I asked 4 of the essential questions to any good article:)  From time to time I will be discussing Panda Profits and how it’s working out for all the world to know.

I’m just sayin’

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