Panda Profits: What’s Different?


Well, hopefully you know that 4 of us have started a new Paid To Click website named Panda Profits.  Bill, Janelle, Patrick and myself are in the process of raising our baby Panda to be able to take on the big world.

Panda Profits is in some ways a standard PTC.  If you go to the site you will see lots of familiar features on an Evolution script.

Where Panda Profits really shines is in the small ways that we hope will make a huge difference to our members and advertisers.

Panda Profits Members

Probably the first thing most members will notice at PP are the news of the day feature. Every weekday Patrick Griffin writes a news feature for the site.  Some of them deal with changes and features, some deal with other topics.  I’ll guarantee we are the only PTC to do this sort of thing.

Prompt Support.  One of the complaints that we have heard is that most PTCs answer support tickets slowly if at all.  All four of us answer tickets when we know the answer and see them hit the site.  So far no ticket has gone over about 10 hours and those were tickets that required a specific person to answer.

We have the most sophisticated anti-cheat software that we could find.  Our membership isn’t growing as fast as some because multiple accounts are just not tolerated, right from the start.  Not now, not ever.

All of us firmly believe that there can and will be a community that will build up around Panda Profits.  That an honestly run and administered PTC will not only survive but thrive in the long run.  That our members will respond to loyalty and honesty by hanging around.  It’s what we really want, and think our members want the same thing.

In the next installment I’ll talk specifically about what we do for the advertisers on Panda Profits.

I’m just sayin’




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