A Gun By Any Other Name…

As of this very minute, 58 are dead and over 400 injured at an open air concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SOLO shooter rained automatic weapons fire onto the packed venue from a 32nd floor room in a nearby casino.

It is now just 12 hours after the tragedy and I haven’t been able to find any specifics on weapon(s) used or the number of shots fired but I can tell you one thing for sure. At least one full automatic weapon was used. I watched a phone video and could hear it plain as day. Automatic weapon. No question.

It’s time America. Time to get fully automatic weapons off the street. Period. There is no justification for anyone to own any sort of full auto weapon. None. The machine gun was a military development for stopping massed attacks. The automatic rifle is simply a more portable version of the machine gun.

Understand that I have owned guns since I was 12 years old. The first gun I bought was a 12 gauge shotgun that I used for hunting well into my 30s. I’ve owned rifles, shotguns and pistols and I still do. But the only thing an automatic weapon is good for is slaughtering humans. It is time for that madness to end. It’s time for common sense and good judgement to assert itself on the national stage.

This is NOT a call for permits on every sort of firearm, it is not a call to restrict gun ownership. It is a call to remove fully automatic weapons from the public. Period. Let’s don’t let the debate degenerate into an us vs them, all or nothing referendum. Let’s just focus on automatic weapons and stop this bit of madness.

I realize that a single shooter with 10 weapons in his room could have caused as much carnage as this guy with the automatic did. The shooter in Orlando used a semi-auto to kill 48. But please, America, let us start the much needed discourse with automatic weapons. It’s a position that all but the most frantic can agree with.

We NEED this discussion. We need it as much as we need the discussion on racial prejudice and equality for all. Maybe it’s time to stop tweeting and start real meaningful discourse. Actually it is way past due. Let this be the start.

I am sad today for the victims and their friends and families and those that were there or in the vicinity who will be forever affected by this horrible event. I am sad for the city of Las Vegas and the stigma which has been hung on them. I am just sad.

I’m just sayin’

the photo used here was attributed to at least three different sources:  timesofindia.com, nbcnews.com and slate.com.  Used here as ‘open source’ material.  

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