Accumulated Changes

changes happenI am old. Near 63. I have lived what can politely be called an ‘adventurous lifestyle’. I have lost and found things and people all of my life. My life has become a series of accumulated changes.


When a business is brand new it is like a blank canvas. With little more than the right paints put on the right way, a masterpiece will emerge. So you start to add stuff. Some of it is stuff that you wanted to do before you launched, some of it is the obvious thing or two that you didn’t think of during the construction phase.


Some stuff just has to go. Parts and pieces that just never worked. You might try to improve them for a time, before you just take it away. Sometimes you have to add a substitute, sometimes the business is just better off without this piece. Changes happen all the time, it is a necessary part of doing business.

What and When

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci carried the painting Mona Lisa around with him for at least 14 years and that he repainted it entirely at least 5 times? He just could never finish it, could never deliver. One of the most enduring of the classic paintings, he could never consider it done. He always, right to the end of his life, had changes that he wanted to make. Is that why it is so good?

Your business is the same. If you make your changes right, a true masterpiece IS there waiting to be exposed.

Make the changes wrong and you end up with a bloated, non functional piece of garbage. In this case, it may or may not be a candidate for repair.

How do You Know?

You don’t. It’s that simple. You use your best judgement, your best experience, your best ideas. Some changes work, some don’t. You have to try them to see how they fit the master plan.

The great DaVinci tried 5 different versions of his masterpiece and never did consider it finished. If you are committed, can you do less for your business?

I’m just sayin’



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