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Time to WriteI’ve had a couple of questions lately about how I schedule my blog post writing. The truth is, I write in 3 or 4 different venues and do the writing for each at a different pace. I’ll try to explain.

How To Find Time to Write

When I started actually writing this post on Sunday afternoon, I thought it was going to be my 300th blog post. But then I remembered another 30 or so. I’ll try to announce 400:).

I write regularly at 3 different places. One is here, my flagship site. One is at the Lucky 13 blog once per week. One is at GadgetMelon, more or less daily. All have different timing and needs.

Here at Tom Wacker dot com, I try to put out two considered posts per week, along with the Saturday Shortstop feature. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Because I want to have lots of original thought here, I typically start gathering material together 48 hours or more before I post. Sometimes I know exactly what I am going to write, for other times I have a list of possible topics to sort through.

I want to have this post done 24 hours before it publishes, so that I have time to tweak and consider what I have written. I started this post on Sunday PM, and finished early Monday morning. So I schedule some time on Sunday and on Monday morning.


It’s a tech and gadget page (I’m still astounded that I CAN write for a tech page) so the information at GadgetMelon needs to be FRESH. Typically, I go way early on any given morning to find a subject. I have several places to check, and I want to be one of the FIRST to write about whatever. Means I find it and write it in basically 2 hours. I’m not perfect with it, and take too long to write a post some of the time. But it’s 2 hours out of every day. I schedule it. Hard schedule.

Lucky 13

I can start this on Sunday evening, but I want to finish it Monday morning just before I publish, so that it a fresh wrap up of the week that just finished. Another Monday commitment. But I also schedule the time for it.

The Total

Monday morning has an 8 hour blog commitment. Kinda like having a job, isn’t it? The only time I don’t completely love it is when the words don’t come easy. I can turn an 8 hour commitment into 16 every once in a while. Part of the process.


It’s really about commitment and dedication, and it requires passion and desire. I just absolutely love what I do, which makes it pretty darn easy.

I’m just sayin’


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