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This is my last day before I get home to Yuma. The last lame post that I can blame on vacation. From here on, my lame posts will need to find another excuse.

Pay attention, class. I know this is summer school, and nobody wants to be here, but some of you failed CTP Teams 101 and need to make up some ground on what this program is all about.

This will be on the weekly exam, and will also be on the final exam. WRITE THIS DOWN AND KNOW IT!

CTP Teams IS NOT a surfing competition. Repeat NOT a surfing competition.

If CTP Teams were a surfing competition, the score would be kept in clicks. Surfing is certainly one way to get Experience Points, but it is not the only way to get XP. If you really want a surfing competition, Start Exchange and Legacy Hits have surf teams and Top Hits 4 U has a dandy monthly competition called Last Surfer Standing.

Some of you more sensitive students might want to brace yourselves for this next part: There is MONEY involved. CTP teams is set up around the business of being in business. There IS NO business if money doesn’t change hands. So if you do not spend any money, and take none in, you are not really in business.

TimTech rewards purchases. Cleverly, these rewards are called reward points. They can be cashed in for everything from coffee cups to game consoles and XP. The XP you purchase can be used when YOU feel the need.

CTP teams is about planning, sorta like business. You need a plan, and you need to be able to execute your plan. Sometimes your plan works perfectly, sometimes you need to adapt and overcome. Sometimes you may not get the outcome that you hoped for. It really is as simple as that.

A Tip of the Hat to Kevin Williams for the line that inspired this column. “CTP teams is not a surfing competition, it is an XP competition.” Thank you, sir for that gem!

I’m just sayin’

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