Lucky 13: Behind the Scenes

Lucky 13 Battle PlanThis isn’t the post that was originally going to be here. Spreecast hates me this week and I couldn’t do my normally scheduled show. This is what some of it would have been…

Lucky 13 makes a Plan

We started planning the first week in August during the last week in July. As a team, we were locked into third place for the month. We couldn’t move up or down, so we took it pretty easy. And planned for the first week in August.

We had a couple of things going. Sunny Suggs had the Daily Challenge at Click Your Face Off on Wednesday, August 6th. Tony Calabrese planned to upgrade to Kore4 in early August. The team ALWAYS supports a team member during the daily challenge, so Tony decided to upgrade on Wednesday to maximize our bonus for the day.

It worked. To perfection. Lucky 13 jumped out to a pretty significant lead and the team really turned up the surfing numbers.

What we (I) didn’t anticipate was the response from Surfaholics Alpha. A big deficit didn’t bother them at all, they struck back with a vengeance. At one point Thursday Lucky 13 was ahead by over 100 million points.

They could have just quit, and waited for the next week. They didn’t.

At some point Thursday or Friday, it would have been sound tactics for one or the other team to just let it go, settle for second place and wait. The Lucky 13 (and I presume the SAAs) just were not willing to stop. Both wanted to win, both went all out.

The rest of the story is pretty well known. Lucky 13 came up short at 11:58 PM on Sunday. Two minutes short. It was wild and crazy to say the least.


The SAAs won the week. For the month, they are 1 point ahead of the Lucky 13.

I submit that the 7 (yes, seven) people that upgraded to Kore4 are winners. Those of us that are used to the benefits of that program would all agree. Tony Calabrese, Pan Garan and Madolyn Joseph from Lucky 13 are big winners.

The teams BOTH won in that they were tested and passed. Both teams acted and reacted as a team piling up points at a phenomenal rate. Both pushed the limits of their capabilities, and both moved those limits significantly.

To explain how complete this run up was, consider this. At server switch Sunday night, the top 10 individuals overall were all from Lucky 13 or Surfaholics Alpha. And ALL 10 would have qualified for the Premier League as individuals. Impressive scoring to say the least.

So the win goes to SAA. It also goes to Lucky 13, and maybe most of all, it goes to CTP TEAMS. Who would have thought what could be? Who would dare think what CAN be?

I’m just sayin’



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