CTP Teams: Rise to Prominence

Rise to ProminenceCTP TEAMS The Path to Fame and Fortune

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, CTP Teams is a stunningly good way to get yourself known in TE Land. And the more well known you are, the more stuff you are liable to sell. It’s what we are ALL looking for, isn’t it?

Don’t believe me? I present Matt Badura, Jean Kopinski and Rosita Maasch. 3 names that have risen to prominence in the last 12 weeks, and all from one source: CTP Teams. There are more, many more.

CTP TEAMS: The Shortcut

Matt Badura and I were chatting last week (Yes, I am occasionally required to chat with the leader of the hated Surfaholics Alpha. It is strictly professional.) and the topic of how we would build a team today came up. Started me thinking. What is the secret shortcut to prominence in CTP Teams? There is one, and I’m about to expose it.

Three Ds

Here is the secret. Decision, Dedication and Do.

“I know it’s been said, many times many ways….”

Decide. That rising to prominence in a CTP team is what you want to do, that it is what you need to do, that it will further your career faster than any other path that you can choose.

Dedicate yourself to at least 6 months of hard, grinding work. It doesn’t take over 3 or 4 hours a day to excel, but you need to commit to doing the necessary work EVERY SINGLE DAY. For the next 6 months.

Do. Nike had it right: Just do it.

Build a team or excel on an existing team?

I could see being able to work within either framework. Build a team is going to be harder at the start, motivate yourself on an existing team will be way easier at the start but could be problematic down the road…

It’s a question you have to answer for yourself. Both can and will get you to the very same place, but how you do so is entirely up to you. I can see serious advantage to either way. Let’s look.

Build a Team: You start with one, and spend a week or two just showing EXACTLY what you can do. Get in early, stay late and maximize your points. Once people can see that you are serious, start to invite and advertise for people that are also willing to do the hard work. It could and should be slow, tedious work, but you will be the leader that leads by example and you can draw like minded individuals to you.

Join a Team: You find a team leader that you like, that will work hard to improve the team, and maybe, has just been waiting for that little push to get going like a runaway train. Then you spend the next two weeks racking up points, and being pleasant and likable inside the team. Helpful, even.

Remember that the goal is to make the Premier League and STAY. Unless you join Surfaholics Alpha, the Stray Cats or Lucky 13 you are gunning for positions #4 through 7 overall. Right now, that is the utter reality of CTP Teams.

I’m going to pause this here and now, and will continue right here early next week.

I leave you with a video that was sent to me by Nick Grimshawe. Consider yourself pushed.

I’m just sayin’


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