XP and CTP Teams

XP from CTP TeamsOK, you have decided you want to increase your standing by using CTP teams. What do you do next?

An Alternative

Here’s a possibility. Valentin Mavrodin (Hunters) and Walter Mulder (Uber Surfers) have both started new teams since my last post. Either on of these will help you raise your profile if you want to work. I can’t see that you could go far wrong with either leader. Valentin has been on his own since Monday and rose to 20th place all by himself. He now has helpers, expect his team to rise. Walter just started, you can expect a hard working, fun loving TE owner if you join Uber Surfers.

Remember the goal of this hypothetical team is to rise as quickly as possible to the Premier League and to stay there. Let’s say there are 10 members on your new team. What’s next?

The Big Two XP

1: Kore4. If you haven’t upgraded to Kore 4 now would be an excellent time. You get a stupid good bonus for your team, and you get a host of great products for you. You also get a great bonus for your team every month on the anniversary of your sign up, not to mention 4x all of the XP that you earn. Single best thing you can do for yourself and your team.

2: Daily Challenge. Do it early, do it as fast as you can. There are really good XP for completing every level, but even more, you give your team a multiplier bonus. By doing the DC early you give your team the bonus for the maximum amount of time. It helps. Lots.

What You Need

So. Here’s the number. 1,000,000. That is the number that each team member wants to get EVERY DAY. If you have 10 team members that would give you 10 million per day, 30 million would get you to 8th place today.

It sounds hard, near impossible. It isn’t. Right now, Surfaholics Alpha is averaging 8 million per player per day, and that is sure to go up by the end of the week. Of course they concentrate on their bonus numbers and maximizing their points every day. You need to also.

There are lots of ways to earn XP, and once you have set your bonus for the day, it is a good idea. The golden egg is a good way, but the thing can be hard to find. Once you find it, tell your team and surf hard. Millions of points up for grabs every day.

Tiered badges at selected TEs pay face value in regular (pre bonus) xp, and that can be very attractive. Nerd surfing adds to that and the big badges really pay.

Lots of ways to get XP, and it’s a good idea to make sure you and your team are familiar with all of them.

So. Get your million points per player per day, and see where you land. I’m pretty sure that will put you in the top 7 most weeks. You can do it. Once you have a month or two in the Premier League, you should be able to stock your team with premium players. Then you’ll be ready to challenge for the top.

I’ll be watching with great interest!

I’m just sayin’


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