Sigh Again

This post by Elina Balashova was originally published on the Lucky 13 team blog.  I felt it was a particularly heart felt commentary and so republish it here in it’s entirety.  With permission, of course.  Thank you Elina.


Time to write.. Sigh… Believe it or not, but even a week later I am feeling tired. Not even tired. Empty! It was a crazy week. Everybody keeps saying only one word about it – EPIC! Yes, epic it was indeed. It was mentally, physically and in all other ways challenging battle. And after its culmination on Monday morning, I am feeling very empty. I am not sure if I felt differently if we officially won, probably would have been happy but tired anyway.

Why did I say officially? Because it’s not the first time in history when the second place is sweeter :). Europeans will understand what I mean when I mention this years’ Eurovision Song Contest winner. Why oh why did I remember that one now??

Anyways, in my eyes Lucky 13 won! Not because it’s my team (that also of course…). Also considering all the given resources that we had and (non-existing) rules of the game, I think we rocked it!

We are a very strong team. We work a lot, many of us are having full-time offline jobs or online jobs that require a lot of time and involvement. And still we play this game almost non-stop. No-no, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying, oh poor us, we deserved to win. I am saying that we are a fully formed group with most of us being in contact with each other daily. We are commited to our team. And that is our huge plus and in a way a minus. That is the reason why switching members only for getting new 400% bonus is not an option anymore. Looks like it’s more easy for some other top teams. Of course it makes it more easy if you can switch members between two teams when needed. Some members get some “rest” in another team while a newbie is giving his fresh strength with a bonus to you.

Well, I am not blaming anyone. Really. We don’t have rules in this game, so every leader can choose their own tactics. To make it more fair I would suggest implementing some restrictions for switching members during a week. Come on, even in football you can’t switch as much as you want ;).

This week has been definitely very quiet on our side. A lot is happening with our teamies this week, good and not so good. Teamies, have some rest, gain new strength and come back to us happy and stronger than ever, we love you!

And on more positive side. We are getting more and more additions to our game. Now we can hunt for golden eggs. Thanks for thinking about badge hunters like me 🙂 And as I type, I see some new stuff being added to the game, kingships! Interesting…. Way to go, TimTech! Make it even more fun (but don’t forget about adding some tiny rules ;))

Go Lucky13!

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