Saturday Shortstop: Joe Cronin

Joe CroninJoe Cronin 7 time all star, MVP, first ballot Hall of Fame. I remember him as the President of the American League, a position he held when I was young. By all reports and accounts, one of the truly all time greats.

So. I know it’s Saturday but I have a test for you. Ready?

How many mailers give you XP for mailing?

A: One. Sunny Suggs My Free Resources is the first and only to give you 1000 XP every time you send a mailing.

A pretty savvy move by a very savvy operator. You can count on Sunny to get things right and not much gets by her.


Advertising Know How has purchased tiered XP badges from TimTech. People do that every day, right? Well, not Robert Puddy. This is one of those BIG deals. I’ll have more to say about it after:


Tony Tezak and Tezak Traffic Power also bought tiered XP badges from TimTech. Same day. Two great BIG deals in the same day.

Big Deal

Well, yeah, it is. These are two absolute Titans of TE Land. It’s the sort of thing that could signal a new Renaissance in our industry. I’m not saying that is guaranteed, but the path to it is certainly a lot clearer than it was last week.

CTP Teams

Valentin Mavrodin (Hunters) and Walter Mulder (Uber Surfers) both started CTP Teams this week. As I write this, both teams are safely in the top 20 overall, and show the distinct possibility of making the Premier League in their first week in business. Impressive, to say the very least. Watch for these two teams going forward. I certainly will….

Joe Cronin was a great ballplayer for a long time. He may have done his greatest service to the game he loved after he quit playing. Long term dedication to a cause it a great business model for you and me

I’m just sayin’

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