Is Branding the new Currency?

This post, written by John Brewer, was originally published on the Lucky 13 Blog October 9, 2014.  Used by permission of the author.  It is reprinted exactly except for some very minor formatting differences.  Enjoy it, I did.

In our Click Track Profit training we learn a lot branding.
Heck, Jon Olson has beaten us upside the head with the topic
at TELive for quite some time now. The question is…. are we listening?

We learn how important it is to get people to Know, Like and Trust us.
This – contrary to what some may believe, involves more than just
slapping a profile picture on a splash page. It’s about who we are and what we represent.
Well, at least that what it should be about.

When we advertise things online we – whether we think so or not, are establishing our
online REPUTATION. The “R” word an important word in Internet Marketing folks.
Let’s take it seriously.

I saw an interesting report on CNN a little while back about branding.

Here is the link to it:

This guy makes some very interesting points. What’s REALLY interesting is that he is not
some kind of “finance guy.” He is an “ad man” as he puts it.

Pay attention to what the “ad man” says about trustworthiness.

He also mentions a very important fact – Brands Stand Or Fall By Their Reputation.
There I go using the “R” word again – lol.

Brand Reputation






He then goes on to say that reputation has now become a currency and that loyalty is now
a Micro-Economy.






Now, put your thinking caps on for a minute. Can you think of a kind of new micro-economy that has been created in TimTech land? Well.. it starts with an “X” and ends with a “P.”

I found the correlation from what the ad dude was saying and what TimTech has been doing lately very interesting to say the least.

As you take a look at the clip put your Marketing “thinking caps” on.
Have we REALLY been paying full attention to what Jon and Patrick have been trying to
teach us on TELive?

Well…. maybe we should.

Till next time folks!


John Brewer is a charter member of the Lucky 13 CTP team.  He lives in Germany and is an English as a second language teacher.  He is married with children and grandchildren.


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