To Do or not To Do

Just Do ItErica Jackson (LaRoss) kicked me in the butt today, and didn’t even know it. Actually, she wasn’t the only one, but….

Be a Doer

That seemed to be the topic in a couple of the Skype rooms that I frequent. Sometimes written ‘just dewit’ or ‘’ship it then fix it”. The advice was for other people, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have filled up half a notebook with great ideas for blog posts, but until I actually sit down with my fingers in contact with the keyboard they never seem to get written. How can that be? I have some GREAT ideas…

But just like every project, an idea without action is worse than nothing. Left alone for enough time an idea can actually become a drag on your productive ability. You have to dream, but dreaming is the enemy of doing.

Do it. Do it right NOW

Of course it would have been better to have started yesterday, but today is so much better than tomorrow. I know you have important surf commitments (I certainly do) and there are chats and skype rooms that would probably dry up completely if I weren’t there. How else could I possibly express my great knowledge and ideas? Really?

If it’s a big project, just do something. Make yourself a list indicating what is next, and do the next thing. Right now is a great time. If it’s a simple thing like this blog post (never simple. It always takes longer than I planned by a factor of 3) just sitting down to the keyboard is a wonderful start. Sitting won’t get it written, but it will get me A LOT closer to a finished post than surfing.

It just gets down to what I have heard thousands of times. Just get it done. No excuses, no reasons, just one possible result. GET IT DONE.

Those that Can Do

The previously mentioned Erica Jackson has written a fine E book on the care and feeding of Facebook, Twitter and LinkdIn. It is available right here for the price of signing up to Erica’s list. A most reasonable transaction, I learned a whole bunch in just one reading. It’s carefully set up, so if you can’t read the whole 21 pages at a sitting you can get the full impact of the individual sections. No more excuses. I recommend it highly.

Scott Wright has started a video and voice service, see about it here. Scott has a great voice for video work, and has taken the action to make himself available to others in and out of the community. In simple words, he took action. What a concept.

Russell Stockley has started a new webinar series called Fresh four nights per week at 8:00 PM EDT. It has a different topic every day, all pertinent to our industry. List Building, Design, Branding and Marketing are each covered in some aspect on the appropriate day of the week. Russell is in the midst of the third week of Fresh, you can get in on the ground floor. You will be able to say “I knew him before…”

So there are three people that have done the doing instead of waiting. It’s never easy, but always so satisfying.

I’m just sayin’


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