Spirit of Christmas Present

I love the US Postal Service, I really do.  They bring personal stuff to my house 6 days per week.  And for the most part, pretty promptly.  A very worthwhile government agency.

It’s not the post office, but the people using it that I have a bellyache with today.

I got three pieces of mail yesterday.  I got a Christmas Card, which is always surprising to me because I haven’t sent a Christmas Card since 1978.  Not a one.  It is one of those things that I just quit and stayed quit.

I got a nice post card in the spirit of Christmas from my ISP, Century Link.  My shitty internet connection is going to cost me $2.00 more per month starting in January.  Merry   Christmas to you too, Century Link.  What corporate genius decided that the week before Christmas is a good time to raise rates?  Same as last year, matter of fact….

The third one is the one that really bothers me.  National Cremation Society.  I have a unique need in this matter, as I have donated my brain to Stanford University.  When they first asked me, I was flattered.  The most prestigious University in the US (take that, Harvard) wanted my brain.  Then they explained it was due to my having Narcolepsy, not due to my recognized genius.  Oh well.

Oh, yeah.  The National Cremation Society.  How in the hell did I ever get old enough to get a letter from the NCS?

I’m just sayin’



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