Cardinal Sin

So.  Today is the biggest game of the year for my local favorite NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cards are 11-3, a full game ahead of everybody.  Why then has nobody (and I really do mean NOBODY) picked them to win the game tonight against the rival Seahawks?

Because nobody knows how the Cards have stacked up such an impressive record. They have suffered devastating injuries and a lack of respect all season.  On Thanksgiving day one prominent national pundit said “Arizona won’t win another game this year”,  They were 8-3 then…

So.  Overwhelming odds, given no chance by anybody, what will they do?  What they have done all season, play a football game and see what the scoreboard says at the end.  You see they KNOW it’s their turn.  They believe in one another and don’t give a tinker’s damn what anybody else thinks.  Find a way to win is what they have done all year.

Which is kinda sorta the premise to Seth Godin’s new book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn.  It’s a terrific book, I recommend it highly.  The answer to the question?  Pick yourself and go for it.

Godin’s book is NOT available at your local bookstore.  You can only get it here.  After 17 bestsellers that have paid him incredible piles of money, he decided it was time to distribute a book the same way that information is passed.  Horizontally, peer to peer.  An unbelievable change, a big risk, he took his turn.  Has it paid?  Yep.

Go Cards

I’m just sayin’

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