Stupid is as Stupid Does

I hope I’m not telling a huge secret here:  I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandler.  I regularly and routinely do stuff that makes me look like I’m as sharp as a sack of hair.

If I let it, my life could be a continuous stream of excuses.  I don’t like them, and I try real hard not to use them.  But…

For reasons that are just best left unsaid, I ended up on the day after Christmas with no coffee in the house.  That’s not quite accurate, I had roughly 2 cups left from the last pot yesterday.  Who knew that ALL the stores would be closed on Christmas???

4 hours, two cups of coffee.  I was just ready to bolt for the store when my buddy came by with a bag of coffee that had been made surplus by his wife’s new Keuirg coffee maker. Yay  (Yes he knew about my plight)

Now it is two hours later, I’m at the full line on coffee, and I can sort this out.  I doubt this will happen again (there really were extraordinary circumstances involved), but there were things I could have done even on Christmas Day.

1.  The local Starbucks opened at noon yesterday.  They not only sell made coffee….

2.  The service stations/quick stops have some sort of coffee for sale.  (Price and quality do not enter into a discussion of OUT)

3.  At least 2 of the regular coffee drinkers at my house would have been more than happy to gift me some beans until the store was open.

So, I had options.  For whatever reason, I didn’t consider them in the face of an emergency.  Back to the bag of hair.

I had multiple options that could have and should have come into play.  I just couldn’t think the problem through to a logical conclusion, I fixated on a poor substitute.  My business is like that sometimes.  I need to consider a much broader solution to many problems.

I’m just sayin’




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