Dirty Words




A whole lot of people don’t like selling, or sales, but the whole truth of the whole matter is that we are all selling every day. All of us. Every one. Selling something. All the time.

I’m selling myself. I’m selling TrackeryMe. I’m selling Your EMail Series.  I am selling this blog. It is continuous. It’s what I do, what I am. If you work at McDonald’s you are selling a winning smile and a brand. If you want to advance, you are selling yourself to management. If you work in a factory, you are selling your good work for your paycheck. Everybody sells.

Part of the secret of life is to maximize your product that you have for sale. No matter what it is, you have a product to sell, and you want it to look as good as possible. It just sells better.

In my life I have bought and sold over 50 motorcycles. I use them, I understand the market, I know what stuff is worth, I make some money from time to time. Part of the book I have written is about buying and selling used motorcycles. The one thing I can suggest if you wish to sell one? Make it presentable. Make it start and run good, make it be clean. I can’t tell you how many times I have made $1000 just by doing the very routine stuff. Wash it. Just that sometimes.

Which brings me to this industry. Know that I am NOT a TE owner, but I am a TE buyer. Not the TE itself, but the product it has for sale. Part of the contract we sign is that you want me to come back. You get a LOT more from me if I come back, even if I am a free member and never ever spend one penny at your TE.

Traffic Monsoon. It’s first foray into the world of CTP Teams and the huge number of people that will swirl around there today. It’s their chance to shine. It’s their turn. It’s their chance to SELL themselves.

Fail. There is no other word. The REALLY BIG “F” word. The other one is pretty common where I hang out.

They start right at the start. Name and Email twice. OK, I understand the contract (it is a contract) and you get my email for your purposes. I agree. Phone number. Not a chance, not part of the contract. The only reason to require my phone is to sell it or JV it. No thank you. It turns out it is a required field. Feel free to call the number I gave you.

Takes two sets of passwords. Like maybe I have that much to protect here.

First Page: The most important page on your website. Fail. No upgrade apparent, no ‘how to use this site’ just BS about how great this place is. I’ll decide that…

Surf now, this ought to be ok. I mean it’s pretty standard, right? Well not so much. A 20 second timer. Just like 1998, but if it gets results and traffic, that is workable. IF.

Enter a 4 digit code. Then click TWICE more to move to the next site. You can’t even hit enter to make it go. Mouse and click. 3 entries per site make it MORE THAN 30 seconds per site.

So. You are selling me your traffic right? So I pile up or buy credits and spend at your place. It’s a sale. Or not. Fully 80% of the sites I viewed were TRAFFIC MONSOON. They are too lazy to even put in affiliate sites to make it look like they might do some business.

No Sale.

Simply that, No Sale.

The lesson boys and girls? Put your best foot forward. Sell yourself to the very best of your ability. MAKE AN EFFORT. A little tiny effort at the least.


I’m just sayin’

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