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OK. Confession time. This is the column that I intended to write when I started the last one that I wrote. That one spooled off in it’s own direction, I’ll try to stay closer to the line with this one. Thank you for your patience.

Time. A very limited commodity. Depending on what you are doing, available time can get to be incredibly short.

Take advertising, for instance. I have read many studies and surveys that claim you have less than half a second to capture your intended target with an ad.

Half a second. Everything clearly points to that time frame. If your website doesn’t load in less than half a second your click off rate will go WAY up. This is a ‘hurry up’ industry.

We are a little lucky here in TE land simply because of the way TEs work. Almost every one has a ‘pick up tray’ that opens the next site while the current site is being shown. How long is it? Think of how long you hear the ‘bomb’ beeping at the Legacy sites and TERL. That particular site loads REAL quick so you have an easy time knowing how long the ‘pickup’ lasts.

Which means that when I click the surf icon your site comes right up. It’s been ready for at least a couple of seconds. The viewer gets to see your ad in all it’s glory right away. (Your ads DO have glory, don’t they??} You have at least 2 seconds for your ad to be up and running when the intended target opens it. A great deal.

That brings me to the point, finally. If you have an advertisement that viewers need to wait for you are wasting your credits, time and money. It is incredibly stupid. Stupid.

Let me give you a hint. Those incredibly complex backgrounds that look so marevelous after 10 seconds? Get rid of them. Putting multiple banners (all hosted at a different place) in one advertising block? Dopey. They NEVER load on time. Video that takes of 1 second to load and play? CHOP. If your video takes over a second to load, either make it smaller or reduce the quality.

OK, granted it’s your time and money. You can do what you want with it. But if you insist on wasting it on ads no one will look at, why not send it to me? I won’t make that particular mistake.

I’m just sayin’

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