Net Neutrality

Neuter your pets, not the internet.

The FCC has spoken after many months and it seems to be a huge win for ‘net neutrality’ advocates.

For better or worse, the US dominates the internet and regulation there of. It may not be the best possible system, but it is the system that is in use. I won’t for a minute say that it is right that the Federal Communications Commission sets the rules for the world wide web, but that is simply the way it is.

The FCC has decided to treat ISPs like providers in the 1934 Communications Act. Which is a really good deal for those of us who worried about a ‘tiered internet’ with many of us being relegated to the slow lane wihile the money players went fast. If this goes through, it should do that, protect you and I from a tier system. A net very good thing.

But is the FCC and Title II the right answer? I really hate to see the FCC have very much power over the innerwebs, also.

Do you remember TV censorship as late as 2001?
Do you remember the ‘profanity ban’ on TV?

What happens to our internet when the American people elect a deep south Southern Baptist that is convinced that ‘Damm*^ Frank. That suc^%s and fu!@#s” should be reduced to a continuous beep going to feel about an open internet? Probably not as free as we know it today.

On the whole, something needs to be done. Currently, internet regulation is left to the suppliers and providers. I mean, it worked out well for us when the Mortgage Bankers ran the credit business, didn’t it? Or when Wall Street self regulated? That was fine, wasn’t it?

So. We need regulation and oversight. No question. The problem with a Federal Commission handling it is that it can quite literally take decades to make any major changes.

<sigh> I guess the best thing to say is that it could have been worse and wonder if it will BECOME worse. And that is the never poplular long-view on things. We can always hope that the FCC gets it right the first time.

I’m not sure

I’m just sayin’

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