The Curious Case of Daniel Goettman

Consider the case of Daniel Goettman. He looks reasonably normal, his children certainly look normal, he has a job and a family and a house. All the normal stuff.

But we need to look at his undershirt and see if it has the Superman S on it.

Eighteen months ago, he was just normal as pie. The first time I ever bumped into him was when he answered a support ticket at Top Hits 4 U, his brother Eric’s terrific Traffic Exchange. It turns out that I wanted to do something that wasn’t readily doable at TH4U, and that Eric had just hired/convinced/cajoled/threatened him into doing support.

He took real good care of me, got me fixed up just the way I wanted to be, and promised changes at TH4U to be able to do what I wished. All in all, a very good support episode from my perspective.

But nothing in that encounter that hinted at what was to come.

A few months ago I got an invite from Eric to alpha test a new website. Did I want to alpha a new Goettman project? Does a bear do his deal in the woods?

Eric gave me a brief synopsis of the site, and I had to tell him, honestly, that I wasn’t a gamer and probably would much get into a role playing TE, but I would be happy to give it a test ride or two.

Boy was I wrong.

Turns out It was/is Lords of Lothar, which has only just revolutionized all ideas about the TE industry. And there was Daniel listed as owner. Made me happy, I figured I could suck up to Daniel as a new owner because we had already met. And I was completely sure that it was really Eric’s project…

Wrong again.

Not that Eric didn’t help, not that Eric didn’t do plenty, but this was Daniel’s all the way. He did much of the coding and tweaking and mistake fixing and all the stuff that goes into making a website of this magnitude. So, he’s a genius coder, that’s no big deal.

Steerriike three.

Daniel LEARNED the code necessary to get this complex site up in much less than 18 months.

Did you get that? Daniel LEARNED how to code so he could do it himself.

He isn’t a prodigy that has had a keyboard in hand since age 4. He doesn’t have a college certificate in any computer language that I know of. He’s just a regular guy that learned to code and then built a large active website in about a year. Nothing to it.

Let me see here, somewhere in my pile of excuses is the one where ‘I can’t do that! I can’t code a lick.’

I’m just sayin’

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