I needed THAT

I am struggling with something, and it has been really hard to figure it out. I have about 3 necessary projects that I am not able to start, which is pretty abnormal for me. Typically, I identify a need, craft a solution, think out what needs to be done and go to it.

But it is not happening for me right now, to the point where I have grown increasingly frustrated and irritable with me and everybody else. I am not writing as I would like (I have 5 started posts in this folder), and as I mentioned, I am having trouble getting started on other things.

I think I finally resolved the problem. It is a matter of not taking proper care of myself, not taking care of my needs. And I know better.

You see, I have real physical needs. I get hungry, and need to eat. I know from long experience that I can postpone eating for quite a while if I have a reason for it. I can go until I write 3 words and think God I am sooooo Hungry. I have waited too long.

I need to pee. If I have something going or am riding, I will wait until I am wiggling in misery.

I need a ride. It is the very same to me as eating or peeing. I need to go, and soon. Doh. Why wait so long??

I will tell you Wednesday how it worked. I am unfortunately scheduled Sunday and Monday, but Tuesday I am gone to Prescott.

Why Prescott? Because it is 150 miles of mind numbing straight and level roads with 50 miles of great road leading into town. I will be able to use the 300 miles (out and back) to think things through, I see most clearly on a motorcycle. And I will giggle like a 4 year old girl through the White Spars part of the road.

More will be revealed!

Im just sayin’

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