Ask not. The bus comes for YOU.

Hey Eddy! Hey EDDY! Back that bus up here, I got a guy to throw under it.

<beep Beep BEEP BEEP>

Yes, it is a TE Owner, Walter Mulder. Specifically Clicking Success.

Walter owes me money, and as of yesterday, he has owed me money for 6 months. It is not a game changing amount, but it is $36.90. I earned it, I should be paid.

Walter did all the normal sleazy things that owners do when they have spent the commission money that their affiliates have earned promoting their program. He raised his minimum payout rate to $20 and promises to pay once a month, first Monday.

So much for promises.

I feel like I have treated this a little lightly. This is theft, pure and simple. The owner has a fiduciary responsibility to keep the promised commissions separate and pay them in a timely manner. FAIL!

The very worst part? He has not communicated with me at ALL. Not a word. Absolute silence, even when he was spending money to win the CTP teams championship. Not when I asked about it, nada. He certainly did not use his share of the winners prize to pay me the money he owes.

What to do? Not much I can do, except warn people. I do not think that PayPal can help me out, but I am about to find out and possibly file my first PP dispute in over 15 years of using that service.

A very little communication would have gone a long, long ways here.

I’m just sayin’

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