Who gets the STUFF?

When my uncle Bob was about 6, he went to his mother and asked “Mom, what happens when people die?”

He was the 7th of 8 children, Grandma was pretty good with questions like that by that time. She took off her apron, sat down and took Bob on her lap, and started “Well, when people die they go to heaven. We can’t see them but….”

Bob listened patiently until she was done then asked “But who gets the stuff in their pockets?”

Well, what is your answer? What about your electronic stuff? Your facebook, twitter and Google +? What about your intellectual property? What about your websites, your ads, YOUR BLOG POSTS?

Depends. On many things. Marie Boren (see bottom of page) wrote an excellent post on the subject that you can read right here. It definitely got me thinking. She deals primarily with social media sites (and they are a tangled up mess), but for many of us in TE Land it can be even more complex than that.

Let’s take Your Email Series for example. If I meet up with the front bumper on a Buick this afternoon, what happens to YEMS? Does it revert to Sunny? It should, but will It? The truth of the matter is I have no idea at all.

And I am guessing that I have a better plan than most folks. I actually have two designated electronic heirs. They promise to go into my accounts and do the right thing. Do I think that would actually happen? Well, maybe.

What about commissions? I certainly do not know the answer to that question. I’ll bet that 10 different lawyers would have at least 9 different opinions on THAT,

I wonder what happened to Uncle Bob’s stuff? This is a guy that actually had some stuff, He was a good coder, and had lots of projects under his belt. What happened to that stuff?

I realize that I have asked a lot more questions than I have given answers. In the ideal world, I’d ask Grandma, but I’m not even sure who got her stuff….

I’m just sayin’

Facebook and Gmail: what happens to data after your death?     by Marie Boran

This article was used in the writing of this post.  You should read it.

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