Affiliates Only Please

You remember those old detective magazines?  True Confessions and stuff like that? Well, this is like that in a peculiar sort of way…

Being an Affiliate

First off, it isn’t about throwing a splash page in rotation at your favorite TE.  While advertising is certainly a part of being an affiliate, it doesn’t make you an affiliate.  That only makes you an advertiser.

It isn’t about hopping on the ‘hot new product’ even though that can be a part of being an affiliate.

It isn’t about waiting for the commissions to roll in.

It is about being affiliated with.

It’s about learning EVERYTHING about the product you have chosen to promote.  An affiliate should be able to answer any question about the site or product.

It is about being upgraded at the program you are promoting.  I have a serious belief that you can’t possibly sell what you don’t buy.  You might get some commissions, but if you don’t support YOUR program with your money how can you legitimately sell that to others?  You can’t.

It’s about giving part of yourself to the program you have chosen to affiliate with.  You give to the program and give to the people that are interested in what you are doing.

It’s pretty darn simple to be an affiliate.  Simple but not easy.  You have to do the work. No other path to success.

I’m just sayin’


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