Anybody old enough to remember the “I Love Lucy” show? Desi Arnez routinely said “Lucy, you got some splainin to do”

I hope to do some splainin about TT current topics. Today’s topic is about CTP teams and the TT employee participation.

The Sites and How they are Chosen

First about the sites that have XP badges. Those people pay for the opportunity. They get to leverage TimTech’s expertise and huge base. TT makes money and leverages the site owner’s membership. It works pretty darn well for everybody.

What does that do for you, the member? Provides prizes and XP. Not to mention just a ton of fun. That seems to work out pretty well, too.

Daily Challenge, Vaults and Submarine Games are a little bit different. The only requirement of for an owner to buy these is that their site be equipped with incremental badges. Of course, there is a lot of excitement and activity with each of these.

Do the owners make any money from them? Here on the last day of June the DC is sold out for the rest of the year. Vaults are very nearly sold out in August and Sub Bombs are almost sold out in August. That says something about the value…

The Players

We had a TT team meeting the day the Outkasts disbanded. None of us, and I do mean none, were having any fun. Meaningless points leading to meaningless standings for meaningless reasons. If a thing isn’t fun, why do it?

There is no choice where I would go to play. I am Lucky 13 right to my bones, and the only place I considered was the Lucky 13 too. Anyplace other just would not have been a good fit for me.

Here’s the thing about me. I have always played to win. The scoreboard has always been important to me, it is now. I would love to see Lucky 13 Too dominate the SiteX division.

Another thing about me, is I play by the rules. I’ll push them, I’ll go right to the edge, but I have such respect for whatever game that I will not cheat, Not now, not ever. I want to win. I want to step on your throat, but I won’t cheat to do so.

The TimTech Perspective

We have been accused of using TT supplies to advance our positions. Let me tell you, that would be just like playing on the Outkasts. Meaningless. We already know what kind of fun that is: None.

The Reasons

How long do you think I would be employed at TimTech were I caught cheating? How long could they have a cheater on their staff? About 3 seconds is the answer to that.

How could ANY of us cheating possibly advance TT’s position? If the game is rigged, how long do you think the sponsors would stay? We make our living out of running a business that is trusted and admired. Do you really think any of us could or would jeopardize THAT?

So. The chances of a TimTech employee tilting the game are 0.00%. Think it through. We can’t, we won’t, we aren’t. There is no reason. None.

I’m just sayin’

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