Ostrich Effect

This is a little different post for me. Not that I have never touched on the subject, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been as direct.

Suck Up

Typically, that is a person that goes out of her way to curry favor with a person that is in a position to improve the suck ups life in some way. People suck up to others all the time. Boss, waiters, clerks, doctors… the list is practically endless.

Suck Up (the noun) is generally given a negative tone, but I’m going to tell you a secret about business. It works. And everybody does it. Call it schmoozing or networking or whatever, it’s pretty well known that businesses and individuals alike give more breaks and more perks to people that they like and who have helped them out in the past. Quid Pro Quo.

So I’m going to give you a chance to suck up to the biggest dog in our industry. To do something that Justin Ledvina is guaranteed to remember.   Right Here.

Justin has written a book and is floating an indegogo campaign to cover the initial publishing costs. He has several perks tied to levels of funding. The key, I think is the $25 contribution. For that, you get an e book to read before the regular release AND a copy of the paper book with a thank you note signed by Justin.

You think he might remember every name that he writes in the front of one of HIS books? Ya THINK?

The surprise to me is not that Justin is offering a signed copy as a perk, but that 100 people in our business haven’t seen the possibilities and jumped on the chance. It’s tailor made.

So far, all I’ve talked about is the pure business sense of spending $25. The other part is the book itself. Justin is a very talented writer with vast experience in business. You can bet the book is going to be worth the $25 itself.

So. Order or don’t. It’s really no skin off my butt either way. But if you don’t take this opportunity don’t ever come to me with the question “How can I get TimTech to back me on this venture?”

Fund the book at Indegogo and you won’t have to ask…

I’m just sayin’

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