Game Changer

So.  TimTech has just launched a new product.  List Viral.

No, it’s not a mailer.  Not even close.  It is ‘build your list and make money from it’. Dead simple, it is a real look at what we do.  Lots of small streams of income that make big streams of income.

Are you having trouble making $2.47 per day?  24.73?  This will help, and it is not just a guide on how to, it is a done deal.  You pick your category and an area that you want to promote and the TimTech robots swing into action and give you a usable product.  All you have to do is promote…

It’s going to be a game changer, no doubt.  It is a product structured to make money. Not overnight, but steady, sustainable money. And build your list.  Your all important, key to long term success, gotta have it list.

A couple of things I can tell you from the inside.  List Viral is set up to use Rocket Responder.  Not any of the others, RR.  If you are not a member of RR watch for the OTO.  It is a dandy…

List Viral is paid only.  It is a service as much as RR or  There are 3 membership levels, and they range from eye popping to unbelievable.  And guess what?  There are OTOs there too.  Really good, true One Time Offers.  Take them on your way by, because you aren’t going to see them again.

On a personal note, this is the first time I have gotten to be privy to the entire TimTech team working on a special project.  This has been fun.  Really fun.

I’m just sayin’



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