Current Musings

Item: The world as we know it did not end on Saturday. Next scheduled ending is sometime in October. I’ll keep you posted.

Item: Puerto Rico will be without power for months. The national press is treating this as the big story of Hurricane Maria. It’s not. There are tens of thousands of people that don’t have a safe place to sleep and very limited food and water. That’s the story. Don’t even have a safe spot to sleep.

A woman I know casually left her home in Humacao early Tuesday to go to a shelter and safety for her and her family. Humacao received 8 hours of sustained 175 MPH winds, a storm surge in excess of 6 feet and 2 feet of rain. Nobody I know has heard a peep, and I am officially concerned. And the story is the same for hundreds of thousands more.

Item: The President of the United States of America says that NFL players that don’t stand for the National Anthem should be fired.

This from the man who ran his campaign on outrage and constitutionally guaranteed free speech? Really?

It’s a funny thing about our constitution. NOBODY gets to pick and choose who gets what protections. It is at least theoretically the same for every single individual in our society.

Item: The Department of Homeland Security officially notified 21 States that they were indeed the target of Russian hackers concerning the general election in 2016. Is there any more fundamental to our democracy that they could have screwed with? Anything?

Item: The world as we know it will come to an end as I type this. Saturday, September 23. A rogue, unknown planet will somehow be responsible. Supposedly based on Biblical prophecy and numerology.

I have a couple of problems with this. I’ve read through the Bible more than once and never seen any mention of a rogue planet. In fact, the concept of planets much post dates the last real revision of the Bible. How does that work? Reality tells us the Jewish people that wrote the Bible didn’t have 0 as an integer. It’s really hard to express angular movement (think orbit) without a zero. Command and control is the real point of this exercise.

Item: If the world does end on Saturday the WSU Cougar Football team will be forever undefeated in their final season. Who woulda thought?

I’m just sayin’

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One thought on “Current Musings”

  1. I’m, still here Tom lol.

    What isn’t funny is how many people were affected by Hurricane Irma and the destruction is devastating. I’m sending my prayers to send more people to Puerto Rico to help them with food, water, medicine and more.

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