Content is KING

Content is RARE

I read.  I read a LOT.  Books.  Articles.  Blog Posts.  Advertisements.  Tweets.  I read it all…

I had a light bulb moment, the real head slap ahhHaa.  It came to me with the suddenness of a gunshot, not in time like the rising sun…

Most people don’t want to read content, most people don’t want to generate content.  Most people want to BE content!

There is this girl, you see…

Jacinta Crough.  @croughie  She is Australian, and I follow her on twitter.  She tweets links to great content day after day, hour after hour.  EVERY day, new and fresh and interesting and readable.

I have shared her with my followers, I have tweeted and re tweeted.  Near as I can tell, to no avail…

And so the light bulb.  The vast bulk of the people that follow me on twitter don’t care a lick about content, they care about getting their message out.  And only that.

Big Tom’s Great Twitter Corollary

Here it comes, the secret sauce of twitter, guaranteed to bring you amazing success and fame…

“Tweet others as you would be tweeted”   Revolutionary, I know.  Off the edge of the table.  But, alas, not unique to me.  You can even find references to this offline if you look hard enough.

Follow this one simple rule and Twitter can once again become a great place to share information and sources.

Probably not happening, is it?

I’m just sayin’



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