Battle Marketing

Marketing the Sun Tzu Way

Last week’s book review was ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, written by a distinguished Chinese General about 450 BCE.  What can a guide written for a King in Japan in ancient times have to do with today’s internet marketing?  Plenty, as it turns out.

Know Yourself and Your Troops

Before you can even begin the marketing battle, you must know yourself and your troops; know your strengths that you can count on.  Likewise know your weakness that needs to be addressed before you begin the battle.  Make sure of your proficiency before you begin.

Choose your Terrain

Always fight the market battle on terrain that favors you.  If your enemy will not engage, then slip away to fight another day, when and where the terrain favors you.  Don’t engage in a market battle that you have no chance of winning.  Practice in the Art of War is non existent.  Practice in the market battle simply alerts your competition to your plans.

Consider Logistics

Always know how far it is to the END of the market battle.  Make sure that your supplies will carry you to the end of the battle, not just to the start.  You will need to have your advertising strategy and plans ready to be fulfilled before you begin the battle.  Some parts of your battle plan will break down, have replacements ready at the start,  Finding new chariots in the heat of the battle is difficult at best.

Strike at what is weak

“So too, in war, strike at what is weak, avoid what is strong.”  If you are planning to do battle with the big dogs of the industry, you need to pick a niche or part of their operation that is vulnerable.  A frontal assault on Google or Microsoft or Apple probably isn’t going to get you far, and will only waste your precious resources.  Each of the three probably has a weakness that can be exploited, but you must choose it very carefully.

“All Warfare is based on Deception”

As it is in the market battle.  Zig when the herd zags.  Particularly if you are new to the battle, it is good to stick out like a sore thumb.  Being noticed is a great tactic in battle marketing, a winning tactic.

Bits and Pieces

The mentioned ‘book review’ is a Jon Olson creation, aired in a Spreecast on Saturday afternoon.  The easiest way to follow this is to follow Jon on Spreecast, you’ll get e mail notification about his events.  This weeks book is Purple Cow by Seth Godin.  Grab a copy, read it, and show up for the fun.  Jon Olson rates Purple Cow his #1 book for internet marketers to read.

Jacinta Croagh @ Croaghie on twitter.  This woman has it GOING.  Always has GREAT content for all of us.  Good tweets all the time.  You need to follow her.

I have decided to pick up the pace with my writing and blogging.  We will all see where that takes me, but I need to announce so that I have a chance of following through.

On the other Hand

Who’d have thought a long dead Chinese General could help me, a big, dumb farmboy with internet marketing?  Wonders never cease…

I’m just sayin’



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