Embrace the Unsubscribe

What to do with Unsubscribe??

It happens to us all.  Someone decides that their needs are not being met by the content I am sending them and they unsubscribe from my list.

What to do?  What to do?

Comply.  There are several reasons to unsubscribe, all valid.  I made a promise when I accepted their e mail address, and to keep that promise, I must help them unsubscribe.  Simple as that.

But How come?

Each person that unsubscribes gives me valuable insight into how I am doing.

Am I giving the subscriber the content I promised at the frequency that I promised?  If not, shame on me.  Don’t offer a list unless you plan to fulfill the letter of the offer.

Am I using my e mails as an endless pitch for products or services?  If so, why?  How can I blame anyone for unsubscribing that?

Am I writing such banal, vanilla glop that no one would ever take offense at?  Shame, shame on me.  I expect to annoy a percentage of people with what I write, and annoyed people unsubscribe.  I can’t please everyone, and I understand that.

Am I writing to a market that doesn’t exactly fit the unsubscriber?  That happens.

The Remedy

I understand and embrace unsubscribe, I truly do.  I unsubscribe often myself, based on the above criteria.  I just hate my ‘first thing in the morning delete pass’.  I may have 50 emails that I will never, ever open that just keep coming no matter what I do.  I truly dislike them.  I promise again that I will not be them.

The easy answer is to write content.  Good solid content that excites the readers and gives them a reason to support, not unsubscribe.  It’s almost as if content is king or something…go figure!

Another Promise

Once again:  I promise to provide the best content that I can, on a regular basis.  I know I’m not writing Pulitzer quality stuff, but I promise my best.

I further promise that my list of trusted readers will not ever be used for any reason except as planned.  To get my newsletter.  No JV, no sold or rented or borrowed list for me.  Not now, not ever.

And in the End

I don’t want to see anyone unsubscribe from my list.  I am very sorry that we could not work it out.  Perhaps we might try again, all things being equal or better.  So, then, my unsubscriber, let’s toast:  To the Future!

I’m just sayin’

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