Short Cut Marketing

There is no Cut like a Short Cut

I like short cuts, I’m actually a big fan.  When I am off riding my motorcycle I have been known to take the ‘short cut’ that will add 1000 miles to my trip.  I Love that option, I have seen some great places that way.

I’m not so fond of short cut marketing.  You know the deal, somebody loads up the company drivel, puts it out as advertising, and becomes an internet marketing wizard.  Or that’s the theory, anyway.

Theory vs Practice

I was out surfing the net when I came on an ad that said “Check my Blog” as one of the options.  Now, I am always looking for the next me, or hoping that someone higher up the food chain will pick me to be the next them.  At any rate, I clicked the box.  What I got was a multi page, slick corporate advertising cluster.  Each ‘post’ was made unique by putting the name of the town that the advertiser lived in in the subject line.  EEEeeeeuuuuucccccckkkkk.  It was awful.  The search for the next me goes on.

Build your List:  Thousands, Tens of Thousands, even Millions of ‘responsive double opt in contacts’ for only __________.  I’m guessing that my personal e mail has been sold to at least 3 of those ‘services’.  I average over 100 marketing e mails per day that clear my spam filters.  I unsubscribe religiously, but it never, ever ends.

See My Site:  Some of the absolutely worst drivel on the net is sold by the month.  Includes domain name, hosting and content.  Typically $39.95 a month and you get your very own website loaded with the company junk.  How do I know about this?  I got hooked in the not too distant past.  I even paid additional for the ‘upgraded website’.

Not to be confused with legitimate website builders.  I have a friend that will build you a website, hang a brand new script and provide you with some starting content individually written for you, for less than the price of my ‘upgrade’.  A great deal except…

The Short Cut to Perdition

All of these examples of short cut marketing have one thing in common.  New to the game people that are desperate to have an online presence.  Instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting things done themselves (or paying someone to do so), these people just want to single click their way into riches.  Well, I’ll tell you, this shortcut leads to no place you want to be.

The only one who succeeds at short cut marketing is the person/company that sells cookie cutter junk for a monthly fee.  The hopeful and lazy (or inexperienced) that fall for the pitch are doomed to failure.  Doomed.

The Only Cut that Counts

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the only path to success in internet marketing has just one way to go.  Hard consistent work and commitment to the time it takes to make the magic happen.  No short cut marketing, none of it, can be a substitute or even a bridge.  Hard consistent work and time.  Period.


The search for the next me goes on.  Hopefully, the search for the current me goes on, also.  I’m here, Seth.  All you have to do is click on the link.  Really…

I’m just sayin’

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